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SECCO2 Engine Advantages Over Diesel Engines

  • 35% Higher Thermal Efficiency Over Diesel

  • 85% Lower NOx Emissions Without Catalytic, Pre Or Post Treatment Required

  • 300% More Torque Than Electric Engines, 500% More Torque Than Diesel Engines

  • Maximum Fuel Flexibility / Fuel Alternatives

  • 40% Fewer Engine Parts

  • 15% Smaller Size Advantage

What These Benefits Mean

  • Lower Fuel Consumption / Costs Due To Both The Thermal Efficiency Advantage And Torque Advantage Increases Fuel Savings Advantage To +50%

  • Lower Maintenance Costs

  • Flexibility to alternate between fuel types when necessary

  • Low / No Emissions Exceeding Regulatory Requirements

Design  Advantages:

  • Many Fewer Parts

  • Significantly Reduced Cost

  • Significantly Reduced Complexity

  • No Exotic / Rare Earth Materials

  • Improved Reliability / Longevity

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